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Frank Schaefer

Frank Schäfer



Frank Schäfer looks back on 25 years of professional experience in the fields of tyre tread depth measurement technology, image processing and software development.


In this time he has developed numerous complex devices and machines. His vision of a new Profile depth measurement technology on a moving vehicle was born in 2005.


Areas of activity

  • Business Strategy and business models

  • Business development

  • Technology management

  • Market screening



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Michael Bach

Dr. Michael Bach

Head of research and development


Dr. Michael Bach works since 2008 as leading technologist on tyre tread depth measurement technology on moving vehicles.


He serves in a leading role, working both with algorithms and in the optical design and selection of components.


Areas of activity

  • Business development

  • Technology management

  • Project management

  • 3D data acquisition

  • Algorithm

  • Professional expertise in fields of measurement and surfaces

Peter Fritz

Software developer


Peter Fritz has during his scientific work gathered a rich experience in the area of 3D image and data processing as well as pattern-recognition.


Since 2009, he works as a software developer in the field of “tread depth”, and is responsible for algorithm and software design as well as hardware interfaces; he also possesses a deep understanding of electrical technology, mechanical engineering and optics.


Areas of activity

  • Software development

  • Algorithms

  • Image processing

  • Hardware-related programming

Dr. Ali Yarayan



A counselor and specialist in commercial and corporate law, Prof. Dr. Ali Yarayan works with a range of companies alongside his legal practice. He is Director of Research at the Research Unit for Turkish Law at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg.


Already in 2005 he was convinced of the idea of tyre tread depth measurement technology; and has since written a range of legal-expert-opinions on the issue:


  • General legal-expert-opinions;

  • Legal-expert-opinions on the calibration requirement for tread depth measurement devices;

  • Legal-expert-opinions on the operator model of tread depth measurement devices for the public sector;


He advises CST GmbH on all legal and strategic issues.


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Marcus Kämpfer

Marketing and administration


Marcus Kämpfer has served CST GmbH in a range of roles since 2015.


Areas of activity

    • Documentation

      • Production, administration and maintenance of documentation

      • Approval of documentation


    • Marketing

      • Production of presentations

      • Production and maintenance of websites


  • Data-collection, analysis and reporting of status

  • information Production of Reports

Silke Schäfer



Silke Schäfer has been responsible since 2015 for accounting and human-resources-administration.


  • Bookkeeping

  • Accounting

  • General administration

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