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Feasability studies


  • Examine potential approaches to your project with regards to their feasibility.

  • We analyse approaches, identify risks and forecast the prospects of success.

  • We empower you to make decisions on the basis of documented opportunities and risks.

  • We produce a project plan for you with 5 to 7 milestones.


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2D / 3D image processing


Perhaps you need advice on how to apply 2D and 3D metrology?


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  • in minimizing construction volume

  • in reaching high maximum permissible temperatures

  • in operation with ambient light

  • in the cost-effective combination of RGB 2D and 3D data

  • in the effect reduction of the object color for 3D data acquisition

  • in Multi Sensor / Cameras

  • in HDR images for 3D

  • with flexible test width

  • in creating clear images of surfaces with low contrast

  • in Elasticsearch as a large data platform


Typical features


  • Whole field of view in 2D and 3D

  • 2D and 3D with single image capture, single shot 3D

  • No complex mechanisms or optics

  • Multi-sensor / cameras

  • High degree of precision, scalable

  • Stable process control for ARM processors

  • Access by web-api

  • Simple integration

  • Proven standard components


Areas of application


  • Shoe soles


  • Grooves and surface reflections

RGB Aufnahme

RGB image


2.5D Oberfläche

2.5D Oberfläche

2.5D sureface


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